Toy Dinosaur Games – Digfer Discovers Dinosaur Train Games at

One day after watching Dinosaur Train with his toy dinosaur Digfer, Little G asked his parents if he could use their computer to check out the website that he heard about on the Dinosaur Train TV Show. He was excited to see all that the PBSkids website had to offer. His parents helped him to find the website, and he was absolutely thrilled when he saw his good friends Buddy, Shiny, Tiny and Don on their home computer. Digfer the dinosaur toy was excited about it too. He sat by Little G as they clicked on one of the Dinosaur Train games. Little G’s toy dinosaur Digfer and all of his other toy dinosaurs he’d lined up quietly watched with great anticipation as the Dinosaur Train Game loaded.

Excitement filled the air as they played one of the dinosaur video games called “Pteranadon Fishing”. Little G and Digfer loved to play that game. They played for almost 10 minutes and then decided to try another of the dinosaur video games. The next game that they tried was another dinosaur game called “Hungry Hungry Herbivore” that had Little G and his toy dinosaur Digfer and other stuffed dinosaur toys rolling in the aisles from all of the humorous fun. They both had a great time playing dinosaur games and looked forward to logging in again later to play some more.

Just as they were about to log off to go watch their dinosaur movies, Digfer noticed another button on the website. It said “Field Guide”. After following the link, they learned a lot of super cool dinosaur facts. They learned about dinosaur species and even saw some toy dinosaur bones and enjoyed the educational content almost as much as the dinosaur video games and other dinosaur games. Little G and Digfer were committed to learning and educating themselves as much as possible about dinosaurs so that they could talk dinosaurs with their friends and someday become paleontologists just like Dr. Scott the Paleontologist from the Dinosaur Train TV Show. They planned to play with their dinosaur learning toys often!

After learning a lot of dinosaur facts, Digfer was really ready to go watch their dinosaur movies and play with their dinosaur toys for kids, but there was one last button that Little G discovered that brought them to dinosaur videos. Digfer was so excited to see that they could play Dinosaur train episodes and clips from the show anytime at the click of a button. The dinosaur video clips were fun to watch over and over again. Little G and Digfer the toy dinosaur thanked their parents for letting them log on to and they looked forward to logging back in soon so that they could play more Dinosaur Train Games.

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