Dinosaur Toys – Digfer Discovers Dinosaur Train Toys

Digfer and Little G just love dinosaur toys and the Dinosaur Train TV Show, so when they heard that Dinosaur Train toys were coming they were overjoyed with excitement. Little G couldn’t wait to get dinosaur action figures of his favorite characters from the Dinosaur Train TV Show including the Conductor, Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon, Tiny, Shiny, Don and Buddy. Digfer was looking forward to having a lot of new toy dinosaurs to play with, and he was only a little bit worried that he might not be Little G’s favorite toy dinosaur anymore. When Digfer told Little G that he was a little bit worried, Little G assured him that he would always be his favorite. With that Digfer was ready to play . . . bring on the Dinosaur Train toys already!

Little G had a few other dinosaur toys already, but he wanted to get as many of the Dinosaur Train toys as possible, including the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, and Pliosaurus, just to name a few. Of course he wanted them all so that he could set up all of his Dinosaur Train toys and play with the dinosaur action figures. Digfer the toy dinosaur loved to play with the dinosaur figures and dinosaur toys too. For next Christmas, Little G was going to ask his parents for the Dinosaur Train track and steam engine. He was excited about playing out episodes from the show with this dinosaur toys for toddlers and yelling out things that the conductor always said, like “time tunnel, time tunnel approaching” or “all aboard”. Difger and Little G would have so much fun with a toy train track so they could play pretend Dinosaur Train.

Little G had almost everything “dinosaur” that a kid could imagine. Except he didn’t have Dinosaur Train apparel, such as Dinosaur Train t-shirts, Dinosaur Train backpacks, a Dinosaur Train lunchbox or other Dinosaur Train merchandise. Since back to school sales were starting soon, Little G was relieved to hear that he would be able to dress in style wearing characters from his favorite tv show. He asked his parents to help him find Dinosaur Train apparel and Dinosaur Train merchandise and other Dinosaur Train stuff for back to school, such as notebooks, binders, pencils and more.

When the Dinosaur Train toys finally arrived Digfer and Little G were absolutely thrilled and spent countless hours playing with these fun and exciting dinosaur learning toys and dinosaur action figures. One day at school, for show and tell, Little G brought along his favorite toy dinosaur, Digfer, and together they showed off all of their Dinosaur Train toys for all of his classmates to see, and of course Little G proudly wore his Dinosaur Train apparel and other Dinosaur Train merchandise every school day. Nothing could beat these dinosaur toys for kids and pretty soon many of his friends had them too.

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