Dinosaur Coloring Page – Digfer Discovers Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Little G loved to do arts and crafts and really liked working on his dinosaur coloring page. Digfer had never experienced dinosaur coloring pages, or color crayons for that matter, before in his entire life. When Little G realized that Digfer the toy dinosaur had not colored before, he quickly set him up with some nice T.Rex dinosaur coloring pages and a set of crayons. Digfer, being one of Little G’s most favorite dinosaur toys, received quite a bit of help from Little G at first, but once he got the hang of it he could stay inside the lines pretty well while coloring. This arts and crafts project got Little G to think of other some really fun dinosaur activities that he could introduce to Digfer.

One of Little G’s favorite things to do was to put together dinosaur puzzles. He and Digfer put together a 25-piece dinosaur puzzle in a matter of minutes. It was almost as fun as the free dinosaur coloring page, but it required quite a bit of patience to put the dinosaur puzzle pieces together just right. Digfer especially liked putting in the very last piece, the one that made the dinosaur puzzle complete. Digfer and Little G stepped back and looked at it, they both really liked this puzzle, since it just so happened to be a picture of a young paleontologist’s toy box, which included toy dinosaurs and a dinosaur bones coloring page.

After finishing up the dinosaur puzzle, Little G showed Digfer his library of dinosaur books. Little G loved to read, so he began reading all of the dinosaur books that he knew how to read to Digfer. They both really liked the dinosaur picture books that usually included a dinosaur coloring book page. Since they could just look at the pictures of dinosaur species and share what they had learned about them and sometimes make up stories of their own about them, reading dinosaur books helped them both to grow their imagination and helped them learn more about dinosaurs too.

Digfer was having such a good time trying out all of the dinosaur activities that Little G totally forgot about his dinosaur DVD collection. Little G pulled out his dinosaur DVD and popped it in and then they kicked back and watched a great episode of Dinosaur Train on his dinosaur DVD player. Digfer and Little G had a great time with dinosaur coloring pages, dinosaur puzzles, dinosaur books and watching the dinosaur train DVD. After all of these great dinosaur activities, Digfer and Little G were so tired that they each took a long nap so they could get up and do a few more dinosaurs coloring pages.

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