Dinosaur Bedding – Digfer Discovers Dinosaur Room Decor

Little G and Digfer spent a lot of time playing in Little G’s room. Of course, his room was decked out in the coolest dinosaur room decor. Little G had asked Santa for some kids dinosaur bedding and since he was such a nice boy all year, Santa delivered. And boy did he . . . every day Little G would take Digfer on a guided tour of his room; he would tell him all about the dinosaur species including their dinosaur names and other interesting dinosaur facts. His stories went on and on as he talked to Digfer about all of his dinosaur toys, and his stuffed toy dinosaurs too. During the tour, Little G loved to show Digfer his dinosaur bed fully equipped with dinosaurs bedding, dinosaur pillow, dinosaur bed sheets, and dinosaur comforter. There wasn’t a place in the entire house that Little G loved more than his bedroom which was filled with the coolest dinosaur room decor.

The walls were plastered with dinosaur pictures! For starters, there were several species of dinosaur on nice dinosaur wallpaper that Little G’s parents had helped him put up earlier in the year. The wall paper showed a picture of the species and the name of the species just below it. That way Little G could read the name of the dinosaur to memorize all of the dinosaur names. Little G just loved pictures of dinosaurs because he could make up his own dinosaur adventure stories and tell them to Digfer for hours on end. He had a few framed dinosaur pictures and a couple of dinosaur posters on his wall too.

On Little G’s birthday, he had a bunch of friends over for a very special dinosaur party. The dinosaur party theme was of course to dress up like your favorite dinosaur species and then play dinosaur party games and eat dinosaur cake. The dinosaur party games were a big hit, but all of Little G’s friends loved playing in his room the most since it was so well decorated. The dinosaur party was a lot of fun and even Digfer had fun playing all of the toy dinosaur games.

At the end of the dinosaur party, Little G handed out some dinosaur party favors to all of his friends as they left to go back home. Each of the dinosaur kids went home with their very own dinosaur picture to hang on their wall at home. All of the friends could hardly wait to get back home, hang their pictures of dinosaurs and begin working on decorating their rooms with cool dinosaur room decor too, especially some dinosaur bedding for boys. Little G had a great birthday and was so glad that Digfer and his other dinosaur toys could show all of his friends a really good time, dinosaur style!

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