Dino Bedding – Room Decorating Ideas with Dinosaur Decor

Dinosaurs are an intriguing topic that have once again captured children’s imaginations . . . thanks in part to the new PBS Kids Dinosaur Train TV show. With the increased interest in dinosaurs, children are asking their parents for a variety of things, such as Dinosaur Train toys, dino bedding, and other Dinosaur Train merchandise.

If you are wondering how to decorate your little one’s room, this article will provide you with some great ideas but be sure to involve your dino train fan in the process. They will enjoy picking out dinosaur wall stickers and other dinosaur decor and they will be so very proud of their dinosaur bedroom.

The first place to decorate is the bed. A dinosaur bed can be difficult to find, but one easy solution is to simply decorate the headboard and foot of the bed with dinosaur removable stickers. Dino bedding is a critical component to decorating a dinosaur bedroom. A nice set of dinosaur sheets and a t-rex pillow case, with a dinosaur bedding comforter should make your little dinosaur enthusiast love to crawl in to bed each night.

Another idea is to decorate the walls. Dinosaur wallpaper is a good place to start, but dinosaur murals are hugely popular for kids of all ages. You can have a dinosaur picture or poster framed and hang it, or use dinosaur wall stickers. Dinosaur murals come in all different shapes and sizes, and some can be a little bit scary with all of the teeth; so be sure to involve your child in the process of selecting the dinosaur picture. Many dinosaur wall decals and wall borders can be applied to the wall and are removable, should your child’s interest change later.

One last idea to make the room extra special is to place dinosaur eggs, books, or dino toys on shelves, desk or on a window sill. Dinosaur Train InterAction figures are really popular as well as the ever popular dinosaur stuffed toys. Some other ideas would be dinosaur fossils or bones.

Also, dino room decor is very customizable, so for example if your child has a favorite dinosaur, you could focus the entire room on that particular species. Or perhaps, they want to decorate based upon the new Dinosaur Train TV show, and you could use dinosaur train room decor and include all of their favorite character’s, like Buddy, Shiny, Tiny or Don.

With dinosaur wall stickers, dino bedding and some dino toys you should be well on your way to a great dinosaur decor idea. So set a budget and plan with your child to decorate their room in dinosaur style!

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