Buy Dinosaur Train Toys – Digfer and Little G learn about the new Dinosaur Train InterAction Figures

With great anticipation over the new Dinosaur Train toys, Digfer and Little G really wanted to learn more about what would be available so they could buy Dinosaur Train toys and reenact scenes from their favorite show. They had to be sure to prepare their Christmas wish list for Santa and include their favorite Dinosaur Train interaction figures. After some careful research, Digfer and Little G discovered that there would be a Buddy interaction figure, as well as Tiny, Ned, Tank, and Morris interaction figures. Each of these new figurines would communicate with the gigantic Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex toy. Digfer and Little G were more than a little bit excited about the new Learning Curve’s Dinosaur Train line, and especially the “Roar and React” Boris T-Rex toy.

Since they couldn’t wait for the new toys, they learned that Dinosaur Train T-Shirts were already available so they each picked one out that they liked; there were several styles to choose from on the internet. Digfer picked out a Dinosaur Train Buddy t-shirt and Little G went with a Dinosaur Train logo t-shirt. They also learned that they could pre-order some great books so they picked out some Grosset & Dunlap Dinosaur Train books and some other board books and paperbacks such as “Buddy’s World”, “I Am a T. Rex!”, “Triceratops for Lunch”, and “Crayola Dinosaur Train Giant Coloring Pages”.

Besides the Dinosaur Train action figures and collectible dinosaurs, Digfer and Little G were also excited about the toy train set with Dinosaur Train characters riding in their own train cars. Digfer and Little G debated about which train car they would want to ask Santa for, but after much debate they decided that they wanted all 6 of them, including the Buddy Dinosaur Train car, and train cars for Tiny, Morris, Tank, Ned, and the Conductor. They were excited about the new motorized Dinosaur Train set and the “Lights and Sounds Dinosaur Train”. They couldn’t wait to start practicing to become Dinosaur Train junior conductors and to get a chance to meet Laura Giganotosaurus, a Dinosaur Train collectible figure.

They also learned that some of the Dinosaur Train toys would include Dinosaur Train collector cards. Little G just loved to collect trading cards and hoped that he could get his hands on some of these Dinosaur Train trading cards. There were a few other items on Little G’s wish list, such as Imagine Apparel Dinosaur Train sleepwear and Patch Products Dinosaur Train puzzles and activities. He was also excited about Learning Curve’s new Dinosaur Train puzzle, Buddy and friend puzzle, and the giant Buddy floor puzzle.

Digfer and Little G decided to proudly wear their new Dinosaur Train t-shirts until Learning Curve’s Dinosaur Train merchandise was released. Little G had already convinced his parents to buy him all of the Dinosaur Train mini plush toys and a “Dinosaur Train Dino Fun Buddy” as soon as they became available at his Toy Dinosaur Toys website.

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