All Aboard Game and Dinosaur Train Games Coming Soon

Digfer and Little G loved to play with their dinosaur train toys and act out scenes from the show, but when they heard about the new line-up of dinosaur train games they could hardly wait. Their favorite characters Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don were going to be in several new dinosaur train board games to be created by Pressman Toy Corporation. The dino train games included a fun game known as Pop ‘N’ Race Game, another game called Make a Match Game, and of course everyone’s favorite train game, called the All Aboard Game.

It was not too long ago that Little G and Digfer were wondering where to buy dinosaur train toys, and now they were wondering where to buy dinosaur train games. Little G’s parents explained to Little G that the new dino train board games were still in production but would be available soon. Little G asked his parents if the games would be available in time for Christmas. So they checked it out online, and according to the Jim Henson Company and Pressman Toy Corporation, these new dinosaur train games were set to hit the shelves just in time for Christmas. Little G was really looking forward to the new All Aboard Game because he really liked trains, especially his new dinosaur train set.

Later that day, Little G and Digfer started dreaming up their own ideas for some new dinosaur train games. Little G had a great idea for one called the time tunnel game, and Digfer came up with one that would be called the dinosaur train junior conductor game. Then Little G was so excited about his new idea for a game that he wanted to call the dinosaur train learning game. He thought this would be a fun game because it would teach fun facts and information about dinosaurs, just like the real TV show on PBS Kids. Digfer thought that would be cool and then he came up with another games of his own called the I’ve got a hypothesis game. He told Little G how fun this game would be because kids could make their hypothesis, or an idea that they could test, and then do an experiment to test their hypothesis.

There were so many fun and educational dinosaur games that Little G and Digfer were thinking about. But they couldn’t wait for the new games to come out so they could play them. Until the new dinosaur train games were available, Digfer and Little G continued to watch all of their favorite dinosaur train full episodes every day on PBS Kids.

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